donderdag 5 februari 2009

Teaching a Pink Elephant How to Ski

My short story, Teaching a Pink Elephant How to Ski, has been published over at Fantasy Magazine. If you have time, please feel free to drop by and read. Fantasy Magazine publishes a lot of great stuff and getting published in there is like another dream come true. I'm particularly happy about this publication as this piece is my tribute to the Villa Diodati workshop in Nice.

There are some nice comments in the comment thread which makes me really happy, because that's what the Pink Elephant was all about. Making people smile and be happy. Charles Tan says some nice things about Teaching a Pink Elephant How to Ski. And reads it right when he says this isn't meant to be a revolutionary piece (no, not at all), but rather a light and enjoyable read.

Yup. That elephant just got a-hold of the absurd part of my brain and wouldn't let go till I had written her pink self onto paper. She was born just to make people smile :)

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Pink Ink zei

I love this story! Congrats.

rcloenen-ruiz zei

Thanks, Jewel. I'm glad you liked it :)

Hem zei

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Anoniem zei